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Pistons depth chart: Charlie Villanueva's shooting himself out of playing time

In a preseason battle for backup minutes with Jonas Jerebko, Charlie Villanueva's ice-cold shooting touch might cost him a spot in the rotation.


Through two preseason games, Charlie Villanueva has yet to make a 3-pointer in eight attempts. Unfortunately for him, his goose egg hasn't gone unnoticed. From MLive's David Mayo:

"If you're a shooter, you've got to get yourself in that shape to be able to make those shots," Cheeks said.

[...] Cheeks said he expects Villanueva to make shots eventually but if he doesn't the recourse is obvious.  "If you're a rebounder, you're not rebounding, they find somebody to rebound.  If you're a shooter, you don't shoot, they find somebody to shoot," he said.

Personally I'm shocked, shocked that Charlie Villanueva might not be in great shape starting training camp.

In 69 games last season, Villanueva posted career-low marks by shooting .377 from the field and averaging 6.8 points per game. In a contract season, he needed a strong bounce-back season if he's going to convince any team next summer that he's worth more than the veteran's minimum.

(Honestly, I'm not convinced he'd even get that -- Josh Harrellson, 24, is five years younger with a similar skill-set, and all he got was a two-year, partially-guaranteed minimum deal. Villanueva was deemed too overweight to make the Dominican national team in 2012. Instead of using that as a wakeup call, he posted the worst season of his career. So ... yeah. This year might be the last we see of Charlie for a long time. Here's to hoping some other team really wants his $8 million expiring at the deadline.)