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Superbust: Darko wanted to rip off suit and unveil Pistons jersey ala Superman on draft night

Apparently there were red flags earlier than we thought.

Christian Petersen

When we highlighted the epic 6,000 word Andre Drummond preview that Grantland published, we failed to mention one little, jawdropping fact in the article.

The piece begins, as any piece about a Pistons draft pick will until the end of time, highlighting the epic flop known as Darko Milicic. All Detroit picks are filtered through that lens and we'll just have to live with it.

But it wasn't about Detroit selecting a raw, 7-foot big man from overseas that didn't end up working out. It was about this:

When he relayed his idea of wearing a suit to the draft and then ripping if off - Superman-style - upon his name being announced, revealing a Pistons jersey, Dumars wisely cautioned against it. It was then that the doubts began to creep into Dumars's head.

Never has so much been crystalized for me in just 46 words.

Darko. Wanted. To. Rip. Off. His. Suit. Superman. Style.

I can't give this enough attention. I probably won't ever get it out of my head.

I remember Darko on draft night as a lanky kid with a bad dye job and as someone who wanted to do an interview in English without an interpreter despite not being able to understand any of the questions. But I don't think about Darko being Superman. And if this little fact had come out on draft night, I think a lot of Pistons fans would have viewed Darko's rocky tenure in Detroit a little differently.

Anyway, go read the whole piece about Drummond because it is great.