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Rodney Stuckey describes 'fluke accident' that broke his thumb

Rodney Stuckey describes the moment he realized his thumb was still stuck in the car door. It does not sound pleasant.


You know how when you stub your toe, there's a split-second where it doesn't hurt yet but you know the pain is about to hit you -- and hard? That's the sensation Rodney Stuckey experienced -- except, I'm guessing, 100 times worse -- when he fractured his thumb by slamming it in his car door.

From Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News:

"Just a fluke accident. At first I didn’t know because it was stuck in the door, as I was trying to walk away," Stuckey said. "I was like, ‘Oh (bleep),’ and when I opened the door, that’s when all the pain started. It happens. (Stuff) like this happens."

[...] "I can’t sit here and beat myself up. Stuff like this happens every day. Who knew? I didn’t," Stuckey said. "My hand just got caught. I’ll keep working, stay in shape, working on my body. Once I can start dribbling a ball and doing things like that I’ll be ready."

Stuckey told reporters that he had a screw inserted into his thumb that should help him return in three weeks -- perhaps in time for opening night. Had he not undergone the operation, he says he could have been sidelined two months.