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Details emerge on Mo Cheeks alleged domestic violence incident

Remember that weird time when police were called to Mo Cheeks' house? Well, we have more details. Read if you care.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

New details have emerged regarding the domestic incident involving Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks and an unidentified woman in Birmingham, Mich. in September. It appears police were called to Cheeks' home after an unidentified 45-year-old woman visiting from Atlanta found a glass in his house that had lipstick on the rim.

The investigation report was released following a Freedom of Information Act request.

From the Detroit Free Press account of the report:

"During the argument, (she) threw the glass down a flight of stairs, shattering it on the bottom of the staircase," the officer wrote in the report. "She stated Cheeks was trying to prevent her from leaving and was taking her belongings out of the suitcase and throwing them around the bedroom ... screaming at her to clean up the broken glass and calling her a (expletive)."

The woman told police that Cheeks blocked her from leaving, pulling her hair and putting his fist against the side of her face. She said he agreed to let her leave when she agreed to clean up the broken glass. Instead, she fled and called 911. Police picked her up just after midnight Aug. 31, at the corner of Woodward and Bowers.

Cheeks told officers they were arguing. He denied he was violent, claiming he only blocked the door to keep her from leaving because he was concerned that she didn't know the area. He admitted he put his hand in her hair but denied pulling it, the officer wrote.

Cheeks was initially arrested but then released when the woman decided against pressing charges or giving a statement.

I do not in any respect want to minimize this incident or violence against women (or anybody else, for that matter), but we can now get back to basketball.