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Mo Cheeks on how the Pistons will use Josh Smith

Here are his comments, transcribed from

(On Josh Smith tonight): “I liked his game a lot. He was aggressive on defense. We put him in the post a lot and he made plays to score and he made plays for other people. I think for us to be successful, we got to use him on the block, not necessarily out on the perimeter. But he’s going to get wide open threes because we have other big guys down low. Sometimes he’s going to be out there and the ball finds him. Some he’s going to make, some he’s not going to make. But I liked his game a lot tonight.”

(On the trio of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith playing together): “Tonight was an indication of them being pretty good playing together. This is one of the games that they got better at playing together, feeding of each other. Josh (Smith) was in the post a lot. Greg (Monroe) was in the post a lot. Then Andre (Drummond) still played around inside the paint, got offensive rebounds, got things of that nature because of those other two guys. I liked the rhythm that those guys played together with.”