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Charlie Villanueva is the Charlie Villanueva of watching football

Pistons big man was at one of the greatest Detroit Lions games of all time ... and left early.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions pulled off one of the most amazing comeback wins in the franchise's history on Sunday. Thanks to one of the all-time great performances from receiver Calvin Johnson and a gutsy performance from quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Lions were able to march down the field in the game's final minute and pull out an improbable 31-30 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Only, many fans didn't see it. And one of those fans was Detroit Pistons big man Charlie Villanueva.

After Detroit failed to convert a fourth-and-12 with 1:33 left in the game it looked like the Cowboys had sealed the victory. Villanueva even prematurely lamented the loss on his Twitter feed.

But down six points, with 56 seconds to go and Villanueva halfway through the parking lot, the Lions marched down the field.

Detroit connected on a 17-yarder to Johnson, then a beautiful 40-yard pass down the sideline to a streaking Kris Durham. Johnson caught another rope when the safety help came late and was able to take it down to the 1-yard line. Stafford then called for a spike to stop the clock but noticed the Cowboy defenders standing idly and took the snap and reached it over the goal-line for the game-tying score. An extra point sealed the comeback.

It was an epic win. The Cowboys had a 99-percent probability of winning the game after the Lions failed to convert on that fourth down. They had no business winning that game and yet they did. It was a wild and crazy day that Lions fans will remember for ever.

Somehow I feel like this epic 10-minute look at CV's Twitter feed explains his entire tenure as a member of the Pistons.

Way to go, Charlie. Way to go.