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NBA odds: More fun with the Pistons over/unders

For entertainment purposes only, of course.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We've already examined Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's (long) odds to win NBA Rookie of the Year. Now, let's look at the rest of the team. Courtesy of, here the over/under numbers you could theoretically make some money on if you were a degenerate gambler:

Total Points - Josh Smith
Over/Under                   17.5

Total Rebounds - Josh Smith
Over/Under                   7

Total Points - Brandon Jennings
Over/Under                   17.5

Total Assists - Brandon Jennings
Over/Under                   7.5

Total Points - Greg Monroe
Over/Under                   15

Total Rebounds - Greg Monroe
Over/Under                   8.5

Total Points – Andre Drummond
Over/Under                   12

Total Rebounds – Andre Drummond
Over/Under                   10.5

Once upon a time, I thought I was smarter than Vegas. I've since lose enough money to realize that's not the case ... but holy hell, if I were still young and foolish, I'd be all about that Drummond rebounding over/under. I suspect Drummond has a very real shot at winning the rebounding title this year, so topping 10.5 rebounds per game just screams easy money.

Incidentally, here are the league-wide odds for the rebounding title:

Dwight Howard (HOU) 5/4

Kevin Love (MIN) 7/4

Andre Drummond (DET) 9/1

Take my (fake) money (for entertainment purposes only), please.

I'm nearly as confident that Jennings won't top 7.5 assists -- Monroe and Smith are too talented not to have the offense flow through them for long stretches -- but where's the fun in rooting for a Pistons player not to succeed?

For what it's worth, Bovada gives Jennings 50/1 odds at leading the league in assists, and Jennings and Josh Smith both have 150/1 odds at winning MVP. OK.

Last but not least, Bovada also lists the Pistons' win total over/under at 40.5. I'm taking the over, but that's a close one. Now your thoughts.