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Quotes from Cheeks: Pistons head coach on win, Chauncey Billups and Kentavius Caldwell-Pope's NBA debut

He's not talking out of his cheeks; he is Cheeks. The new Pistons head coach, Maurice Cheeks, gives his thoughts on his team's opening night win, Chauncey Billups and more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On the overall team performance [via]: "To get a win number one is the first thing. We were good, as you said. We had some moments when we weren't going to be as good; that's to be expected. We are missing a couple guys that we plan on being key players for us; but the guys that we're going to count on, they made plays for us. Greg Monroe made plays, Chauncey [Billups] made plays; Josh Smith made plays. Kyle Singler played a very solid game and Will [Bynum] played 38 minutes; I thought he played a solid game. There will be minutes that we're going to be good, that's how basketball is. I don't think it's just opening night. It's going to be like that throughout the season."

On Chauncey Billups [via Freep]: "I seen him do that many times against me. ... I've watched him before, I've seen him do it many times. .... He kinda surprised the guy guarding him and I think that was the thing that settled us down.

On Billups' warning to the team that the Wizards would make a run [via Freep]: "[He said] let's just stay composed and he was the guy making the composure shot that got us in a place we really needed to be."

On Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's NBA debut [via]: "I liked his activity on defense. That's what always keeps him on the floor; is the way he plays defense. And he didn't settle for a 3-point shot. I talked to him about if he didn't have a wide open shot, put the ball on the floor and try to get to the rim. He did it two or three times where it allowed him not to sit there and hope that he makes a three. He got to the rim, continued to play defense and that's why I kept him on the floor. And when a guy plays defense the way he does and has the ability to make a shot, he gets minutes."

If you're looking for video of Cheeks' comments, or videos of the players and Tom Gores, Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press has them up on his Twitter timeline.