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Maurice Cheeks will take next couple days to think about lineup changes

After the Pistons' latest loss on the West Coast, their 21st in a row on the road against Western Conference teams, Maurice Cheeks said that he would take the next two days to consider lineup changes.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On the Warriors' offense (via "Well they got off to a good start and we turned the ball over a couple times. Like we talked about before the game, they have the firepower to ignite things. Once they got it going they got it going. They were making shots, making passes, it was a good offensive performance by them."

On early collapse (via "Well you can get down on some teams 11-2 but the way they spread the floor and shoot threes, that's how they get the spread they get. When you have a team that shoots the three the way they shoot the three, the lead can balloon pretty quickly, and it did tonight."

On defense in the paint (via "Well I think we had to cover the paint. We had been pretty good with covering the paint but I think when they spread the floor the way they do, you concentrate on defending the three and consequently there are going to be some inside points."

On potential lineup changes forthcoming (via "Well we've got a couple days to think about it. We'll see what we can do to change some things up but right now we'll stay the way we are, but we've got a couple days to think about it."

(via MLIVE) "That doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen. But you have to give it some thought. You wouldn't be doing justice if you didn't give it some thought, so we'll definitely give it some thought."

On Josh Smith (and Chauncey Billups) benching (via Detroit News): "I wanted to change some things up, it wasn't their effort. I wanted to get something different."

"He has to get involved in the offense, get some offensive rebounds, run the floor, get some post-ups. Get your hands on the ball and things will change for you."

On rookies Luigi Datome and Kentavious Caldwell-Popoe (via "They made some open shots. That's what we need. With the big guys we have down low, in order for them to be really good, we've got to get some outside shooting and those guys stepped in and made some shots."

Video via MLIVE: