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NBA investigating ridiculous Brandon Jennings-J.R. Smith 'feud'

I love Twitter, but this is why a lot of people hate it.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially reached parody stage in the Brandon Jennings and J.R. Smith Twitter beef as the NBA has announced it is launching an internal investigation over the matter.

I'm afraid I'll fry too many brain cells rehashing the entire ordeal, but it stems from Jennings mocking Smith's brother, Chris, for having an NBA roster spot with the Knicks while other, better, players can't stick in the league. Jennings eventually deleted the tweet, but not until after all hell broke loose.

The elder Smith stuck up for his little brother and subsequently sent out his own now-deleted tweet implying he was going to send some friends to Detroit and put the city "on smash," which presumably meant Jennings.

I feel dirty just typing all that out. If you want the full gory details, you can read Matt's article from Thursday on the matter.

The Pistons play the Knicks on Nov. 19, and thankfully the game is not nationally televised. I'd imagine this ridiculous war of words would dominate the broadcast conversation.

Though I wouldn't necessarily mind if George Blaha delivered a dramatic reading of each players' tweets. Imagine this in Blaha's sweet, dulcet tones: