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Smith fined $25K for tweet about Jennings

Pistons point guard says he regrets calling out Smith's little brother.

Maddie Meyer

New York Knick's shooting guard J.R. Smith's wallet is $25,000 lighter after being fined by the NBA for comments he made about Pistons starting point guard Brandon Jennings. And for his part, Jennings says he is sorry to have singled out J.R.'s brother Chris, also a member of the Knicks.

Jennings had called out the Knicks for signing Smith's younger brother to a guaranteed deal when other, more deserving players are fighting to make it in the NBA.

But Jennings struck a conciliatory tone at Pistons shootaround Friday. Via the Detroit News:

"I'd definitely take it back, just the fact I don't think it's right to single any player in the league out," Jennings said. "Regardless of any situation. I have to take the high road sometimes.

"Regardless if my tweet was accurate or not, it's something I should discuss with my homies instead of letting the world know about it."

Regardless of the merits of Jennings' initial comments, I think he's right on this one. Don't single out players in social media, and if you want to make fun of the Knicks do it in private. Leave it to the rest of the Internet to do it in public.