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Sacramento Kings fans break sound record for indoor stadium

Here's video showing the Sacramento Kings fans breaking the world record for loudest indoor stadium before the Kings lost to the Pistons on Friday night.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

If you asked me which team had the loudest stadium in the NBA, I'd guess Golden State. Oracle Arena always seems like a wild time, and their team is pretty good. In reality, though, it's the fans inside the ironically named Sleep Train Arena about an hour and a half northeast.

During the second timeout of the first quarter of Friday night's nationally televised game against the Detroit Pistons, the Sacramento Kings' fans broke Guinness' World Record for loudest indoor stadium, hitting 124.9 decibels. The previous record was held by the Milwaukee Bucks' fans in 2008 at 106.6 decibels. The Kings broke their own record again in the fourth quarter, hitting 126 decibels! I'm sure Brick made an appearance on the jumbotron.

Trying to break sound records seems to be the trendy thing nowadays -- even if the math might not add up. The current record for loudest outdoor crowd noise at a sports stadium was set on Oct. 13 by the Kansas City Chiefs' fans at Arrowhead Stadium (137.5 decibels), breaking only a month-old record. Clemson Tigers fans attempted to break the Arrowhead record a week later, but fell short.

Kings fans might not have their record for long. Team Sauerland in Denmark will try to break the new record today.