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Watch Brandon Jennings find Andre Drummond off the glass for the alley-oop

IT'S SO PRETTY! (Unlike the final score, which was quite ugly.)

Late in the second half of the Pistons' game Sunday in Los Angeles -- back when we were still young and naive and full of hope that the Pistons would win consecutive games for the first time all season -- Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond executed one of the prettiest fast breaks we'll see all season.

It's not enough to simply enjoy the video -- here's a nifty GIF to stare at indefintiely and/or share on Twitter:


The dunk gave the Pistons a three-point that would ultimately double heading into halftime, 56-50. But instead Instead of building upon that momentum, the Pistons mimicked the Detroit Lions from earlier in the day, looking completely flat in the third quarter before eventually losing, 114-99.

But we'll always have this dunk, Andre; they can never take it away.

Update: It occurs to me that casual NBA fans may not realize that this whole "off the glass" move is hardly new for the Pistons: Jennings attempted the same thing Friday against the Kings. Drummond converted, though he had to settle for a layup instead of a rim-shaking slam: