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Pistons vs. Lakers final score: Detroit can't keep up late, 114-99

The Pistons fell asleep at the wheel over a five-minute span in the second half, allowing the Lakers to regain the lead and pull away.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

What happened?

Despite dominating at times in the first half, Detroit faded after halftime, ultimately losing a very winnable road game.

Am I talking about the Lions or the Pistons?

Unfortunately both, but for our purposes let's focus on the latter. The Pistons took a six-point lead into halftime but were completely outclassed in the second-half, losing 114-99. The Pistons are now 3-6 on the season, finishing their trip out West with just one win in four games.

This game flipped from being a competitive back-and-forth to a borderline farce when the Lakers went on a 16-0 run over a five-minute span that started with the Pistons leading by two with two minutes in the third to trailing by 14 with nine minutes left in the game.

Despite Brandon Jennings' best efforts -- he scored 19 of his 23 points (including all four of his 3-pointers) after the Lakers' fateful run -- the Pistons never posed a serious threat to rally, allowing the Lakers to score 35 points in the fourth quarter while maintaining a double-digit lead the rest of the game.

What stood out?

Before the Pistons self-destructed after halftime, they were actually enjoying an incredibly efficient night, shooting 62.5 percent in the first two frames. But even though it often felt like the Pistons were dominating the game, they never managed to extend a lead into double-digits, in part because Detroit also turned the ball over 10 times in the first two quarters, resulting in 13 points in the other direction.

Who stood out?

Jennings had a huge game, finishing with 23 points and 14 assists. On the surface, that's a well-rounded game, but it's somewhat amusing how lopsided his production was: he scored just four points (2-13 shooting) with 12 assists in the first three quarters before playing hero ball with 19 points (6-9 shooting) and two assists in the final frame. And even though he posted a lofty assist total, his counterpart Steve Blake dished out 16 of his own.

Andre Drummond notched yet another double-double: 14 points and 13 rebounds. Oh, and let's not forget the monster alley-oop off the glass from Jennings shortly before halftime:


Josh Smith followed his best game in a Pistons uniform Friday with another solid performance: 18 points, 7-12 shooting (3-5 from three), eight rebounds, three assists, two steals and a block. Clearly, whatever message Mo Cheeks sent by benching him for long stretches against the Warriors last week was received.

You know what Drummond, Smith or Greg Monroe couldn't do? Stop Jordan Hill, who had his way in the paint while setting career-high marks in both scoring (24 points) and rebounding (17). Hill's been enjoying his best season as a pro -- and he's been even better since joining the starting lineup -- but Detroit must break its ugly habit of allowing second-tier big men to go off on them.

Jodie Meeks and Nick Young each scored 19 for the Lakers, combining for six 3-pointers. Pau Gasol dished seven assists to go with 12 points and nine boards.

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