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Pistons vs. Lakers: Mo Cheeks on Detroit's difficulty defending 3-pointers

Mo Cheeks reflects on Detroit's second-half slump against the Lakers, which dropped the Pistons to 1-3 on their West Coast road trip and 3-6 on the season.

Stephen Dunn

On how the Lakers' performance (via "They got a lot of open shots; they got some transition threes. We knew going into the game that they could spread the floor with three point shooting. They got some pick and rolls, they took some dives, and guys dived into the rim. That opened up the three point shooting. We had some chances for scoring, we missed some easy shots,[and] missed some foul shots."

On defending the Lakers' 3-point shooting (via "It was a big problem. When they made shots, they made one, then they made two, then they continued to go ... when they started to make shots on the 3-point line, it made it a little easier for them to make more shots. Like I said, one shot led to two shots and three shots."

Greg Monroe talking about Nick Young's 3-pointers, which sparked L.A.'s 16-0 run late in the third quarter (via Detroit News): "I think that was the turning point. They controlled the game from that point on. We had a lot of opportunities to distance ourselves and take full control but didn’t do it."

Andre Drummond on Young's 3-pointers (via "That’s a momentum switch for anybody. When somebody hits two threes in a row, that’s a big switch. That got them going, [Jodie] Meeks got it going, and things just started going their way ... and we lost the game."

On struggling in the second half after being so efficient in the first (via "Well, obviously we’re not going to continue to shoot 62 percent. That’s just not going to happen, and I don’t think we got as easier shots as we did in the first half than we got in the second half ... They did a better job in the second half of getting out in transition, and finding that open man in transition. We didn’t get back in transition as well as we did in the first half."

More on the Lakers' second-half resurgence (via "Well again, we came out at the end of the [first] half up six, we missed consecutive shots -- they came down and made some shots. I said before the game, they have the ability, when you have 3-point shooting, you can get back in the game where you can stretch the lead, and that’s what happened tonight. They were able to get back in the game with some 3-point shooting, then they were able to stretch the lead with some 3-point shooting."