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Opponent recon: Kidd, new additions not working out

After loading up on possibly washed up All Stars during the offseason at the cost of cap space and draft picks, the team has fallen flat on its face.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The team is struggling with injuries and Jason Kidd's transition to the clipboard on their way to a 3-9 start. They're one of the worst teams in the league on both sides of the ball and also getting demolished on the boards - all of which few would expect given the names on the roster. They host the Pistons riding a four game losing streak, dropping seven of their last eight. Friday night they were absolutely run off the floor by Minnesota, 111-81.

SB Nation's Nets Daily has plenty of carnage for your viewing pleasure.

Projected starters: Shaun Livingston, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Reggie Evans

Rising: So raise your hand if you called it that the Nets' three best players through the first dozen games of the season would be Brook Lopez, Shaun Livingston, and Alan Anderson. But with Lopez hobbled and missing the past four games, Livingston and Anderson are the Nets most reliable players right now. And really, neither one is very good.

Not so much: Jason Kidd. His coaching career was about as close to handed to him as it gets. No dues paying getting experience like other former players such as Patrick Ewing or Bill Laimbeer, getting slotted into career assists who wonder if he'll ever get an opportunity to run the show. Not walking into a cultural crossfire like Michael Curry. No taking over for a perennial lottery team, forced to make a dramatic turnaround to stick.

No, Kidd took the reins of a 49-win team filled with talented veterans, many of whom had been a part of championship teams previously. It hasn't worked out. While age/injuries aren't helping the roster situation, he's quickly turning into the primary target for criticism being called lost, the worst coach in the NBA, and that he doesn't do a thing. Even Kidd has been criticizing the coaching. He's probably not long for the coaching world.

What you might not know: Kevin Garnett is utterly washed up. He's been dominated on both sides of the ball this season - even Bismack Biyombo made him look foolish defensively last week. Well, you might already know that Garnett is washed up, but it's still fun to mention.

Don't let him beat you: Mason Plumlee. Through the veterans' incompetence and injuries, the rookie has been getting more playing time and providing impressive results. He's been an efficient scorer and has an excellent offensive rebounder. He shows a knack for getting to the line - even though he's a poor free throw shooter, the Pistons could do without Andre Drummond or Greg Monroe getting into foul trouble.