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Pistons vs. Nets: Question and answers with NetsDaily

Chatting with Tom Lorenzo in their "E-Mailing with the Enemy" series about the Detroit Pistons and Brooklyn Nets.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Lorenzo from NetsDaily had some questions about the Pistons, and I offered my opinions. You can read the full Q&A here.

The question about Brandon Jennings was the most fun to answer. Weigh in below if you think I'm off my rocker:

What is Brandon Jennings? Is he a scoring point? Can he run an offense, distribute the ball? Looking at his numbers -- as someone who doesn't follow the team as closely as you -- he seems to be unable to decide what kind of point guard he is.

BG: Again, this is a divisive topic, and again, I may be in the minority here, but I think it is pretty clear what kind of player Brandon Jennings is. I would put it this way: he's a ball-dominant point guard. He's the kind of point guard who wants the ball in his hands in order for the offense to make plays.

He's not a floor general who orchestrates a five-man offense, the way Pistons great Chauncey Billups did or current Nets coach Jason Kidd did. That doesn't mean he's selfish. He's a bit ball-hoggy at times, and in crunch time especially he tends to force shots rather than defer, but his assist numbers illustrate that he's a very willing passer. And at times, he has been a brilliant distributor.

But as I've hinted at above, Detroit's offense is at its best when flowing through Greg Monroe, who has the ability to score and create for teammates from the post. Jennings' style of play isn't conducive to that type of offense.

I also asked him a few questions about the struggling New Jersey Brooklyn Nets, and as is their tradition, their readers will be answering in the comments. So be sure to click through and join the conversation.