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Brandon Jennings: 'I have no confidence, I shoot when people tell me to shoot'

Brandon Jennings is suffering a crisis of confidence in his shot, the point guard admitted Saturday.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

From Vincent Goodwill's Twitter timeline on Saturday:

There's a bit more from Anthony Fenech at the Detroit Free Press, but those are the money quotes.

I'm not surprised at all that Jennings is still figuring out his place in Detroit's offense, especially considering he missed virtually the entire preseason with a dental nightmare. The foundation of this team is the Josh Smith / Greg Monroe / Andre Drummond frontcourt, yet Jennings is the player with the ball in his hands the most. He's never been a pass-first point guard, and expecting him to completely transform his game in 10 games was always a stretch.

Jennings is shooting just 37.4 percent on the season. He's had just four games where he's connected on just 40 percent of his shots, and even though he racked up 14 assists on Friday, he also scored just eight points on 16 shots (25 percent). He's never been a high percentage shooter for his career -- in part because of the volume of 3-pointers he attempts -- but he needs to get into a groove if the Pistons are ever going to climb their way back to .500.