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VIDEO: Jennings' swag, Drummond's dunks, KCP's beautiful shot and the return of Brandon Knight

For once there are too many Pistons highlights to choose from!

The Detroit Pistons annihilated the undermanned, underskilled Milwaukee Bucks 113-94, and the final score was deceptively close as the Pistons coasted for all of the second half.

Detroit led by as many as 34 points, and you couldn't point to any one particular player as leading the charge. I supposed if you had to pick you'd have to go with former Buck Brandon Jennings, who went into full SWAG mode from the opening tip.

Jennings finished with 15 points on 10 shots, including 4-of-6 from 3. He also had 13 assists, including this gorgeous outlet from Greg Monroe to Jennings to Andre Drummond.

That wasn't the most beautiful shot of Drummond's night, however, as he got to coast for one of his patented open-court throwdowns.

Not enough dunks for you? How about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who turned his stellar defense into some easy offense, poaching a lazy pass and running down the floor for an easy jam.

And there are more highlights than you could ever imagine. And now you can see them all. What do I mean?, which has been insanely receptive to the desires of obsessive fans has out Synergy'd Synergy Sports, and now makes every stat in the box score available in video form.

Do you want to see every time the Moose was fed? You can.

Do you want to see every dumb Josh Smith 3-pointer? I don't know why you'd want to, but you can.

You can see literally anything you want. Just go here.

NOTE: Apparently the links to individual videos are currently unavailable, but you can use the Highlights and Lowlights below as suggestions on some of the clip packages worth watching. -sc


Watch Brandon Jennings' 13 assists

Watch Andre Drummond's eight rebounds

Watch Rodney Stuckey's seven field goals

Watch Tony Mitchell with a vicious dunk in garbage time


Watch Nate Wolters abuse Jennings' poor defense

Watch Josh Smith's horrible 3-point attempts

Watch Brandon Knight's six turnovers (I admit, this is also sort of a highlight)