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Maurice Cheeks on Brandon Jennings' game, his bench players and more

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

On approach to the game (via "We always take the game serious. I think the way we started out the game, we talked about it beforehand just trying to get out to a good start. I thought our activity on the defensive end was really good. I thought that's one of the reasons why we got into the flow that we got and we made shots. Brandon (Jennings) made some pull-up 3's. A lot of guys made shots, a lot of early post-ups. But I just thought defensively our early activity allowed us to play the way we played in the first quarter."

On the second-unit identity (via "We had been relying so much on Rodney (Stuckey). When he came in the game, we put the ball in his hands either to score the ball or beat someone off the dribble. With Charlie (Villanueva) being able to play and Will (Bynum) coming back, the pick-and-roll on our offense is pretty good with those guys because Charlie spreads the floor so well and it gives Andre (Drummond) more of a rhythm to get to the rim. If Charlie continues to make shots the way he's been making them the last couple of games, it opens up the floor a little bit more.

On winning back-to-back games (via mLive): "We obviously needed a back-to-back win, winning on the road in Brooklyn and then coming back here tonight," he said. "And we have a few more home games left. So the ability to win back to back really helps us out. We needed it."

Brandon Jennings

On playing his former team (via "It wasn't really just about going against my former team. We definitely need this win right now because we've been struggling, so it feels good just to be able to get a home win. Hopefully we can keep it going now that we have a home stand with two more games."

On scoring confidence (via "It felt great just to see that shot go in the basket, I've been working very hard. I worked a little bit after shoot around today. I'm just still putting in work and hopefully it keeps paying off."

On Charlie Villanueva's shooting (via Detroit News): "Charlie's gonna shoot that thing, I like that about him. He'll hit two and he'll really get going. He's a guy you have to pay attention to."

On Pistons place in the standings (via mLive): "If we can win the next two games, we could be the other team in the East, the way it's shaking up right now. ... I pay attention to the standings, I pay attention to who's coming up, I'm all NBA," he said. "I've got NBA League Pass on my phone, even when I'm on the road. So I see everything. I see everything."