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Caron Butler not happy with Brandon Jennings' showboating

Just in case it wasn't clear, Brandon Jennings really enjoys showing up his former teammates.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn't seem like there's much love lost between Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks. From his preseason comments about how excited he was finally playing with talented teammates ("It's my first year actually playing with a frontcourt like this ...") to coming out gunning on Monday, he certainly seems to enjoy tweaking his former teammates as much as possible.

In the fourth quarter Monday -- a game the Pistons essentially won before halftime -- Jennings stayed on the court the entire fourth quarter, even though the Bucks pulled their starters after the third. It didn't go unnoticed by Milwaukee's media, although I personally figured hey, let him have his fun.

If you were paying attention as the final seconds ticked off the clock (I wasn't -- hat-tip to Piston Powered), Jennings seemed to rub it in with a fancy dribbling display, much to Caron Butler's chagrin. Enjoy:

Gratuitous? Definitely. Annoying? Depends on what team you're rooting for. Jennings has played with a chip on his shoulder the entire career, and I hope it results in plenty more happy go lucky celebrations as time expires in the future.

Update: My colleague Mike Prada points out that Butler doesn't have much room to talk - - watch him pretend to offer dap before stealing the ball in an attempt to pad his stats: