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VIDEO: Brandon Jennings' sweet fakeout, Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe dunks and more

Brandon Jennings makes a splash in his debut with the Pistons.

Brandon Jennings notched his first bucket as a member of the the Pistons and earned some style points along the way in Detroit's 87-77 victory over the Boston Celtics on Sunday at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Andre Drummond was able to poke the ball away from the Celtics on the perimeter, igniting the fast break. Jennings took the ball and faked a pass to the trailing Josh Smith, completely freezing the Celtics defenders and allowing Brandon to coast for the easy layup.

Below you can also catch a recap of Jennings' first game in a Pistons uniform, documenting his 14 points, four assists, four steals and three rebounds.

Also, a glimpse of just one of the many thunderous dunks thrown down by Andre Drummond in the game -- this one off a nice assist by Smith.

More dunks? How about a sweet offensive rebound by Greg Monroe, who then takes advantage of the parting of the Red (Auerbach) Sea and throws one down.

Finally, watch a recap of the game for those who weren't able to watch.