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Quotes from Cheeks: Not happy about turnovers, extremely happy about Jennings' debut

Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks and his postgame quotes after Pistons' 87-77 victory over the Boston Celtics.

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On Brandon Jennings' impact (via "Obviously we knew Brandon Jennings could play. It was just good to see him out there and see the effect that he can have on a team because he brings a little bit of electricity to the game, the play-making abilities that he has and the ability to make shots. He changed the game, he changes our make-up and it will put Will (Bynum) back in his spot where he can come in at a certain time and make the plays that he can make.

"But I think (Rodney) Stuckey does the same thing; maybe not in the electric way that Brandon (Jennings) does but I think the way Stuckey can defend and the way he can score the ball it kind of changes things because he had a big effect on the game tonight as well."

On turnovers (via "I am very concerned about the turnovers. It's something that we've been discussing. You can't recover with so many turnovers we make; we can't recover. Our defense is usually pretty good...but our turnovers. When we have turnovers the way we have them, it's tough. It's tough to get back and defend the way we have them. It's a topic of conversation. It's something that we talk about and we just have to keep working on it."

(via Detroit News): "Some of them were careless, and we have to correct them," Cheeks said. "There's good turnovers and bad turnovers. A lot of them were ‘bad' turnovers."

On a possible Stuckey and Jennings backcourt (via MLive):  "I like the combination of those two guys together."

Video of Mo Cheeks' postgame news conference

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