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Andre Drummond embraces the arrival of Italian Jesus

Drummond and Luigi Datome team up for the greatest Vine of the young NBA season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond has shown he is already a master of social media, and now with a new partner in crime, he has unleashed the greatest NBA Vine of the season. And this one is going to be tough to beatl, folks.

You see, Pistons rookie Luigi Datome is not just a sharpshooter and reigning Italian League MVP. He also has the scruffy beard and long brown hair of a man you might have heard of named Jesus Christ.

And while it's not exactly uncommon to hear Datome referred to as Italian Jesus, I never expected he would embrace it quite so emphatically. How emphatically? This emphatically:

Sacrilegious? A little. Hilarious? Extremely.

Congratulations, guys, you've officially won the Internet this week.

This was just a slice of the Biblical-themed content on Datome's (@GigiDatome) Twitter feed on Monday. Here are some other entries he retweeted. I don't read Italian so I can't offer much context.

Sadly, it is just his Italian fans that have gotten in on the fun so far. I'm sure his American fans in the Big D and elsewhere can also get in on the action.