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Maurice Cheeks on Pistons' missed opportunity vs. Pacers

He's not talking out of his cheeks; he is Cheeks. The first year Pistons head coach, Maurice Cheeks, gives his thoughts on his team's loss to the Pacers.

Gregory Shamus

On finding more shooting (via "There are nights when they go in, there are nights when they don't go in. That's why you try to build yourself on the defensive end so you can stay pretty consistent on the defensive end. But tonight they made shots and we had some wide open shots that we didn't make. Gigi (Datome) had some wide open shots that he didn't make, I'm sure later on he will make. Brandon (Jennings) had some wide open shots, several guys had some. That's why you try to build yourself on the defensive end because those shots aren't going to go in every night."

On the defensive effort (via "I wouldn't say (I'm) pleased. You're never pleased if you lose the game, number one, and number two, I thought they were aggressive. They got to the penalty. We didn't get to the penalty. I think those are huge differences in the game. They make shots to get to the penalty and make a few foul shots here and there. It paid dividends for them."

On Paul George (via MLIVE): "He made some shots...And they always had him to get that ball to him and try to break his defender down, and try to kick to somebody else for a shot."

On late 4th-quarter push and when to start fouling (via MLIVE): "I figured if we got a stop -- we had two timeouts left -- we get a stop, you get a timeout, you get a 3, then we can start fouling. But if we foul too early, then the game's really over. But if we got a stop, we thought we had a chance."

Video via MLIVE:

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