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What the Pistons can learn from the Pacers to fix their offense

Coach Nick identifies Detroit's mistakes from their game earlier this week against the Pacers -- and what they can learn from the Pacers to improve.

The Detroit Pistons are still figuring things out offensively. This is to be expected: not only did they overhaul their roster over the summer, they played virtually the entire preseason with their (presumed) starting backcourt on the shelf.

Tuesday's game against the Indiana Pacers, the reigning Central Division champs and the league's best defensive teams by most important metrics, exposed their lack of cohesion in a lot of ways. In the video above, Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown breaks down exactly what Detroit did wrong -- and what they can learn from the Pacers.

As this backcourt continues to jell with Detroit's jumbo frontcourt -- and as Josh Smith continues to make the adjustment from power forward to small forward -- I'm optimistic they'll figure it out. We've already seen this offense play well for long stretches in the preseason and the first four games, and adding shooters like Brandon Jennings and Luigi Datome to the mix can only help.

Now your thoughts.

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