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Pistons news: Roy Hibbert hates on Andre Drummond, Pistons need shooting

The Pistons host another of the West's best in the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night. Here are some oops to prep.

Hibbert is not a fan of Drummond.
Hibbert is not a fan of Drummond.
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The Pistons already took Western Conference finalist Memphis Grizzlies to overtime this young season. On Friday, the Pistons will face the Oklahoma City Thunder, another of the Western Conference's best. Tune in for full coverage of the game throughout the day. For now, I'll throw 'em up like Will Bynum; you throw 'em down like Andre Drummond.

-- The Pistons are among the worst teams in the NBA from behind the long line (to quote legendary George Blaha). Only three Pistons are making in worth the team's while to shoot from distance: Will Bynum, Chauncey Billups, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Josh Smith has taken twenty-eight threes and only made seven. If Cheeks wants better three-point shooting, maybe have Smith hold off once in a while? Coach Maurice Cheeks wants to see better 3-point shooting from the Detroit Pistons |

-- Charlie Villanueva feels bad about not being healthy and not being able to contribute. When healthy, he believes he can help the aforementioned three-point shooting struggles, and as poorly as the Pistons are shooting, he could. The question now, as always, is whether the cost of his deficiencies on the court are worth the potential payout from behind the arc. Injured Charlie Villanueva wants to give it his best shot for Pistons | The Detroit News

-- Greg Monroe says he "feels comfortable" from mid range, but he's only shooting 5-21 from outside the paint this young season. In Wednesday's practice, Coach Cheeks advised Monroe to take two to three hundred shots from the elbow everyday. I've been a pretty vocal opponent of Moose taking mid-jumpers at this point in his career, specifically because he's not adept at that right now, and I don't think players should work out the kinks during games. I'm all for Moose doing this in practice, though. If he could become Antonio McDyess efficient from that range... Pistons' Greg Monroe told to work on midrange jumper | Detroit Free Press |

-- Our friends at PistonPowered caught Roy Hibbert hating on Andre Drummond. Cool story, Roy. Andre Drummond pisses off Roy Hibbert " PistonPowered

-- has a good read comparing Cheeks' role with OKC as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were developing to his role with this still-developing Pistons squad. "Mo-KC" as it were. Mo-KC | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE DETROIT PISTONS

If we've missed something, let us know in the comments.

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