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Pistons vs. Thunder 2013: Second-half GameThread

The Thunder led by as many as 11, but a 12-5 Pistons run to end the half helped pull it to within four going into the break, 55-51. Let's talk about the second half in this thread, okay?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Some first half bullets:

- Brandon Jennings Curly Fries watch. He has nine points (on 10 shots), six assists (one turnover) and five rebounds.

- Greg Monroe is Moose'ing with 13 points on eight shots and eight rebounds. Total stud. He has one fewer make than Josh Smith and Jennings combined (on 12 fewer shot attempts).

- Chauncey Billups has had a few shots go in-and-out, but he's 0-for-5 with a pair of turnovers and one assist. Not a good game for the old timer.

- Andre Drummond is having a quiet game.

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