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Maurice Cheeks on Pistons' 9-point loss to Thunder and moving forward on West Coast trip

The Pistons' first year head coach gives his thoughts on the team's 119-110 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night and the upcoming West Coast road trip.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

On the shots not dropping (via MLIVE):"I like the way we played tonight. We played hard. We played aggressive. The guys played hard and just couldn't make the shots when we needed to make them. Shooting is part of the game. Sometimes you're going to make them. Sometimes you don't.

"But at some point, we've got to make them. Whether it's a concern or whatever it is, you have to keep working hard and those will fall. Nothing you can do about that."

On missed rebounds (via "It was offensive rebounding. When we had a chance to either close the gap or go up, they would get offensive rebounds for a score or kick it out to somebody else. We had a small lineup out there. Those guys are used to rebounding like that and playing like that. One time we had Kyle (Singler) boxing out somebody. I think (Serge) Ibaka comes in and gets a wide open offensive rebound for a dunk.

On upcoming West Coast road trip (via "I liked the way we played tonight. We played hard. We played aggressive. Going on the road it's just again part of the NBA. When we talk about shooting, it's part of the NBA. You've got to be ready. You've got to be committed to what you're doing and you give yourself a chance; road's always tough. It's always tough to play and go win games. Like I said, if you're committed to doing it the right way, you got a chance."

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