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Pistons mascot Hooper gets beat up by Nets, Robin Lopez

The Pistons' mascot had a rough weekend, getting jumped Friday by the Brooklyn Nets and then again Sunday by Portland's Robin Lopez.

Hooper, the Pistons mascot, has had a rough weekend. First he was jumped Friday by the virtually the entire Brooklyn Nets roster, which you can see above. He did get his revenge, though, opening a can of whoop-ass silly string on Andray Blatche.

On Sunday, he tried to taunt Robin Lopez with a floppy-haired wig -- not realizing that beneath those goofy-looking locks was a raging lunatic.

Lopez threw Hooper to the ground and ripped off the wig. You seen the carnage below, which I'm sure Hooper will use as Exhibit A when he files his restraining order with the Auburn Hills police department.

Here's to hoping Hooper makes a full recovery because, well, you know what they do with injured horses.