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Pistons vs. Blazers: Breaking down Damian Lillard's game-winner

SB Nation's Coach Nick breaks down Damian Lillard's game-winner that sunk the Pistons in overtime.

I can't blame you if you've already seen the highlight above too many times, but it's interesting to watch it one last time from a coach's perspective. (Small quibble: that's Greg Monroe on LaMarcus Aldridge, not Andre Drummond.)

When you analyze it in slow motion, it does seems a bit maddening that Josh Smith doesn't leave his man to help disrupt Damian Lillard, but in real time that's a tough play to execute, and given the direction Lillard faded, I'm not sure if would have made a difference. The end result was a contested fadeaway jumper -- you take that any day. Rodney Stuckey defended it well.

Unfortunately, Lillard has put on a magic show in overtime thus far in his career -- he's a career 15-for-19 shooter when playing the extra period, according to

/tugs collar

Nothing you can do about that.