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Mo Cheeks on defending Paul George, Josh Smith's offense and more

One thing I learned putting these comments together. Pistons players call Mo Cheeks Reverend Obama. Considering what I imagine they used to call Lawrence Frank and John Kuester, I'll take it.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maurice Cheeks

On defending Paul George (via "I thought our perimeter guys did a great job of guarding Paul George and all those guys. Guys like that, the greatness that Paul George is right now, you just try to limit their touches right now and challenge all their shots. I think that's what KCP (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) and Josh (Smith) did.

On cutting the lead from seven to two (via It's great that we won a game like that after having a game against Portland like that. But in the NBA there are going to be games when you lead in the game. You have to be able to hold that lead and you know they are going to come back. The way this team (the Pacers) has been playing, you know they're going to make a run and were going to come back. It was just a matter of what time in the game. We just held our composure, made shots, made foul shots, and won the game."

On Josh Smith's shot selection (via Detroit News): ""I think he shot four 3s and three of them were good (shots). He's playing great right now."

On competing after tough loss to Portland (via Detroit News): "We realized we had a chance to win last night and we let it slip away. I talked to them about having amnesia in the NBA, because you can win a game and get on a plane and play the next night, or lose and play the next night."

On changing Smith's role in the offense [comments before Pacers game] (via Detroit News): "I went to him. What prompted it? What could I do to get him better shots, to get him more comfortable on the block. It was a two-way conversation. Him being better makes us better."

"We had a discussion about playing with him a little bit more, getting him off the perimeter. Not allowing him to catch so many jump shots on the perimeter. Getting him on the elbow and on the block so he can drive his guy."

Josh Smith

On defense (via Detroit Free Press): "It's definitely a challenge, but it's a challenge I like to take upon [myself]. That's my game, being versatile, playing multiple positions. Tonight was just another example of what I can do as far as on the defensive end."

Greg Monroe

On how it feels to win after last night's tough loss (via "Definitely feels good to beat the team with the best record in the NBA. It's a good win, especially on the road coming in off of last night's tough loss. Josh (Smith) came in and controlled the game for us. Tonight was a character game. We had a chance to win last night, so we knew tonight was going to be a test against a tough team and we were able to get the win. I thought we wanted the ball more tonight. I thought we were the more physical team and we were able to set a tone early and it carried through the game."

Brandon Jennings

On what it feels like to win after last night's tough loss (via "This is the NBA. You always have a game the next day or the next day after that. This is not like the NFL where you have to sit around all week and wait. It was hard for me to sleep last night. We just came here tonight and kept playing basketball."

On holding off the Pacers in the last few minutes (via "The last five minutes of the game coach wants the ball in my hands, not necessarily to shoot it, but to make plays for my teammates and just be aggressive. I love it. He's putting a lot of pressure on me because the last five minutes is basically the game. We had a lot of confidence coming here tonight. We played Portland last night in a game we should have won. And tonight we knew we were playing the best team in the Eastern conference and we were able to give them their first home loss."