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Pistons vs. Bobcats final score: Detroit lets Charlotte claw back from 20-point deficit

After a 20-point comeback win the game before, the Pistons let their own 20-point lead slip away in the second half on Friday night against the Charlotte Bobcats, losing 116-106.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

What happened:

The Pistons led by as many as 20 points on Friday night and even had a 14-point lead going into the fourth quarter, but the Charlotte Bobcats put up 72 points (!!!!) in the second half to flip the script and then some, outscoring the Pistons by 24 in the final 12 minutes alone.

The Pistons shot 57 percent in the second quarter to build themselves a 15-point halftime lead, but the Bobcats shot 62 percent in the third quarter and 67 percent in the fourth against a defenseless Pistons.

What stood out:

The Bobcats came into the game 29th (of 30 teams) in offensive rating and put up 72 points in the second half! The Pistons didn't have an inordinate number of turnovers leading to fastbreak points and the Bobcats didn't hit a lot of threes (3) or free throws (11). They scored a lot in ways some might not expect opposing teams to score -- in the paint.

The start of the fourth quarter was a clear sign of the comeback to come with Will Bynum getting blocked twice by Bismack Biyombo, Josh Harrellson turning the ball over and picking up a technical, the Bobcats hitting their first four easy bunnies on the other side and Josh Smith turning a second-chance opportunity into a missed three-point shot.

Who stood out:

Al Jefferson. He was absolutely dominant in the fourth quarter and he did most of his damage in the post against Greg Monroe. But it didn't really matter who was on him, because he was having an out-of-body experience, hitting 7 of his 11 shots for 15 points in the fourth, and seemingly thumping his chest harder after each make. It was a bruising performance for the guy who has missed nine game this year with a bone bruise.


-- Andre Drummond was benched for the final three and a half minutes. He was in for most of the fourth quarter collapse, but I wouldn't say he was the main one to blame. Either way, he finished with 14 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks.


-- According to

The Pistons became the first team since Orlando in 2001 to lose a game after leading by 20 points following a victory in which they trailed by at least 20. Detroit erased a 21-point deficit at Boston on Wednesday.

-- Box Score

-- Harrellson was the Pistons' leading scorer in the first half with 12 points in just over 11 minutes. He played under seven empty minutes in the second half and was benched after his turnover and technical in the fourth.

-- It looked like Brandon Jennings walked off the court without saying a word to anybody after the embarrassing loss, whereas Bobcats players were trying to be "sportsmanlike" and give random high fives (random high fives). I don't blame Jennings one bit after a game like this and I actually came out of this game liking him a little more than I did before.

-- I'd rather not re-live that fourth quarter ever again.

-- Not much time to dwell: Rockets Saturday night.


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