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Former Pistons coach Lawrence Frank 'reassigned' by Nets after rift with coach Jason Kidd

Frank will not be on bench during games or attend Brooklyn practices. The Pistons might have its problems, but at least they're not the Nets ...

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons might be a mess, but the Brooklyn Nets are a MESS. The latest chapter of the ongoing soap opera is the "reassignment" of former Pistons coach Lawrence Frank. It has been known for weeks that Frank and first-year head coach Jason Kidd didn't exactly see eye to eye.

When the Nets hired Frank to be its top assistant and defensive specialist, the move actually saved the Pistons quite a bit of money. When Frank was fired he still had a year left on his contract that was to pay him $4 million. The Nets enticed Frank by making him the highest-paid assistant in the NBA -- maybe ever -- with a deal that averaged more than $1 million per season for six years.

Now he has been "reassigned," and will collect a paycheck for "filing reports." He will not be on the sidelines during games and he will not be a part of team practices.

According to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski the relationship between Kidd and Frank had grown quite toxic.

Now that the movie is official, I wouldn't be surprised if reporters are more willing to dish dirt on whatever salacious details they have that makes the Nets, Frank and Kidd look bad. The mudslinging has just begun.

Wow. Just wow.