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VIDEO: The Andre Drummond Show co-starring the Milwaukee Bucks

The Big Penguin did a little bit of everything as he powered the Pistons to victory.

Andre Drummond has been great all season, but for the past week he has been amazing. In his most recent outing, a 105-98 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, Drummond was all over the court.

He finished the night with 24 points, 19 rebounds, two steals and three blocks. And as amazing as that is, lately it has been par for the course. During Detroit's current three-game winning streak, Drummond is averaging 21.7 points, 18.7 rebounds, 3.3 steals, two blocks and only one turnover.

He is also shooting 68.6 percent from the field and upped, for lack of a better word, his free-throw shooting to 44.7 percent.

You want highlights? We've got highlights.

Check out full highlights from the game

Enjoy the swipe and three-man break with Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings and Greg Monroe with the Moose enjoying a nice slam for his efforts.

For varieties sake, you can also watch the entire Andre Drummond clip reel featuring the Bucks' broadcast team. I think they say Drummond about 30 times in two and a half minutes.

5 Other Highlights

Courtesy of NBA's newest video feature, you can watch highlights of almost any box score stats.

Watch Brandon Jennings' 11 assists

Watch Greg Monroe's 17 rebounds

Watch Andre Drummond's 14 free-throw attempts (8 makes!)

Watch former Piston Khris MIddleton hit 5-of-6 shots, inclding four 3-point attempts

Watch current Piston Kyle Singler hit 5-of-6 shots of his own