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Drummond chasing history on the offensive boards

Drummond’s streak of 6 or more offensive rebounds is getting into acclaimed territory.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After pulling down 13.2 rebounds per 36 minutes as a rookie, it was difficult to see how he could maintain that pace from his 20 minutes per game. So far this season, he's surpassed it.

The broadcasts have made sure to mention that Drummond is third in the league in rebounds per game, but NBA Stats has been tracking an interesting streak on their Twitter. After last night's game against the Heat, Drummond now has six straight games with 6 or more offensive rebounds. It's the longest streak of its kind since Jayson Williams in January of 1997.

Dennis Rodman was the last Piston with such a streak, pulling down 6 or more offensive rebounds in seven straight games in 1992. At that time, Andre Drummond was not yet born.

Drummond leads the league by a huge margin in offensive rebounds, 109 to DeAndre Jordan's 90. He also leads the league in field goal percentage, is sixth in steals, second in wins produced, sixth in win shares.

On a broader note, the Pistons are dominating the offensive rebounds as a team, leading the league with 297 over the second place Trail Blazers 269. Greg Monroe is also top 10 in the league in the category. As the team begins to form its identify, it's one of the few areas where they're showing signs of a core competency.