Searching for the Perfect '3'

I decided to poke around on NBA stats today, lots of fun for anyone stat minded.

Whether you're trying to trade Greg Monroe, Josh Smith, expiring contracts, or Dumars's extra chins for a new player, I thought this would help. I used the sortable stat feature to find players who...

are starters.

are forwards.

have started at least 5 games.

are 35% or better 3 pt shooters.

have attempted at least two 3 pointers per game.

All stats are from this season. All stats are from games in which they started.

This is the list of the 16 players that qualified, in order of their 3 pointers made, since that seems to be the biggest need:

Trevor Ariza: 36.0 min/47.9 FG%/2.8 3PM/43.8 3FG%/2.1 Stl/16.4 PPG

Nicolas Batum: 35.5 min/47.2 FG%/2.2 3PM/41.6 3FG%/1.2 Stl/13.9 PPG

Caron Butler: 30.6 min/39.5 FG%/2.1 3PM/38.2 3FG%/1.1 Stl/14.5 PPG

Tony Snell: 31.8 min/45.1 FG%/1.8 3PM/42.3 3FG%/0.8 Stl/10.3 PPG

Chandler Parsons: 37.1 min/51.8 FG%/1.8 3PM/39.8 3FG%/1.2 Stl/16.8 PPG

Khris Middleton: 29.8 min/45.1 FG%/1.6 3PM/48.8 3FG%/1.0 Stl/12.4 PPG

Dirk Nowitzki: 32.6 min/49.1 FG%/1.5 3PM/42.1 3FG%/1.0 Stl/21.2 PPG

Richard Jefferson: 28.1 min/40.0 FG%/1.3 3PM/35.9 3FG%/0.6 Stl/9.5 PPG

Harrison Barnes: 38.5 min/45.7 FG%/1.1 3PM/42.9 3FG%/1.3 Stl/14.2 PPG

Terrence Jones: 29.1 min/52.1 FG%/0.9 3PM/40.6 3FG%/0.6 Stl/12.7 PPG

Shawn Marion: 32.7 min/45.1 FG%/0.9 3PM/35.2 3FG%/1.3 Stl/11.2 PPG

Moe Harkless: 28.2 min/42.7 FG%/0.8 3PM/37.0 3FG%/1.3 Stl/8.5 PPG

Thaddeus Young: 33.2 min/46.0 FG%/0.7 3PM/35.3 3FG%/1.5 Stl/15.2 PPG

All players have started double digit games except Tony Snell.

I left off LeBron James and Kevin Durant for obvious reasons. I also left off Rudy Gay since he just got traded and I presume the Kings want to keep him for a while.

For comparison's sake:

Josh Smith: 35.8 min/38.9 FG%/1.2 3PM/27.4 3FG%/1.6 Stl/13.9 PPG

Greg Monroe: 33.8 min/49.8 FG%/0.0 3PM/00.0 3FG%/1.3 Stl/14.2 PPG

Arranging those guys into groups based on approximate age gives us the following:

19-24: Harkless(20), Jones(21), Barnes(21), Middleton(22), Snell(22)

25-30: Batum(25), Parsons(25), Young(25), Ariza(28)

31-35: Butler(33), Jefferson(33), Nowitzki(35), Marion(35)

Monroe is 23. Smith is 28.

Regardless of salaries (because with CV and Stuckey expiring I think the Pistons can make pretty much any trade work), I figure you target the youngest group for Monroe, based on having a long term running mate for Drummond. They'll (hopefully) get better.

You could target the second group as a win-now for Monroe, but I'd much rather deal Smith for one of them.

The third group would be interesting as part of a 3 team deal or involving nice shiny draft picks. I wouldn't want any of them straight up for Monroe or Smith, but I wouldn't say no as part of a bigger deal with other assets.

Hopefully this helps guide some discussion on the roster make up. I'm not actually going to propose any trades off of this, but hoped you all could infuriate Mike Payne even more have some fun and play with it.


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