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Pistons vs. Cavaliers: Game time, TV schedule and more

Can the shorthanded Pistons contain Kyrie Irving to win their first game of the post-Prince era? We're about to find out.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

If you're tuning in tonight hoping to see the newlook Pistons, well 1) you're going to be disappointed, since Jose Calderon's visa issues mean he's unlikely to play until at least Monday, and 2) you should read DBB more often, since we explained this earlier today.

In hindsight, this is probably a good thing: Kyrie Irving is one of the most dynamic point guards in the league, and there's no point in allowing him to expose Calderon's defense and ending his honeymoon with fans eager to overlook that aspect of his game.

Instead, Brandon Knight is tasked with attempting to contain Irving, who's averaging nearly 24 points per game, including at least 31 points in four of his last six. Incidentally, the Cavs won those four games but lost their last outing, in which Irving scored just 14. From David Zavac at Fear the Sword:

In spite of the bad defense, the Cavaliers have been playing better lately. Well, actually, Kyrie Irving has been playing out of his mind, and is carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers lately. At this point, for Cleveland to get wins they pretty much need that. He should be healthier than he was Tuesday, and I expect a bounce-back game. A lot of us are concerned about the chemistry, or lack thereof, between Irving and Dion Waiters. I expect that to get better with time. They have played less than 50 games together. The Cavaliers have both under contract for at least four more seasons. The theme is time, and we have it.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. ET, and it's televised on Fox Sports Detroit. The Pistons are favored by 4.5 points.

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