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Andre Drummond injury: Part of rookie's rehab is playing the bongo

Those pictures we saw of Andre Drummond banging the drums weren't meant to just serve a pun; Drummond's actually using the drums as part of his rehabilitation.

Before the game over the weekend, the Pistons tweeted an instragram photo of Drummond and a bongo in the locker room. Punny!

But according to Vince Ellis of the Free Press (H/T TBJ), the bongo's also serving a purpose in Drummond's rehab:

While other Pistons were getting in some light jogging following this morning's shootaround at the Palace practice facility, Drummond sat there beating on a bongo ... badly.

"This is my rehab," Drummond said as he walked away, carrying the drum.

Drummond is out four to six weeks because of a bad back, and the drum is a way for the Pistons to keep the rookie center engaged and feeling like he's still part of the team.

Yeah, there actually is a method to strength-and-conditioning coach Arnie Kander's bongo madness. Playing the drum requires good posture, so it helps the body's core.

Drummond's motor on those bongos reportedly needs some work, though. In Arnie we trust.