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VIDEO: Kyrie Irving breaks Brandon Knight's ankles, BK responds with 3-pointer off glass

Brandon Knight was part of the most exciting play at the Rising Stars Challenge for all the wrong reasons.

Brandon Knight was having a pretty quiet BBVA Rising Stars Challenge until opposing point guard Kyrie Irving decided it was time to give the crowd in Houston a show.

Kyrie decided to make his defender (in this case, Knight) look silly by going one-on-one and applying a sick crossover. Knight moved his feet well and then at the last second lost his footing while trying to leave his feet to bother Irving's jump shot.

The result -- Irving sinks a jumper, Knight sprawls to the floor, the entire stadium oohs and ahhs and Chris Webber loses his mind for reasons I'm not sure I quite understand.

Knight, feeling his manhood was at stake, decided that he had to respond. Which he did by banking in a 3-pointer. I'd be especially impressed if I knew he called glass.

For the next several possessions Irving and Knight faced off while the other eight men on the floor stood and watched. Unsurprisingly, Irving won what with his superior skill at dribbling and finishing. Not that Knight did horribly, per se; he was able to shake Irving and get into the lane a couple times.

He just couldn't finish at the rim. Where have you heard that one before Pistons fans?

As for the game, Knight's Team Chuck squad beat Team Shaq 163-135. MVP was won by Kenneth Faried who scored 40 points and put on a dunking clinic and perhaps a small preview of what he plans to show the people during Saturday's dunk contest.

Knight finished with 10 points and six assists but was one of only three players on either team to shoot below 50 percent (4-14).