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NBA Trade Rumors: Ben Gordon for Andrea Bargnani being explored

In my obsessive compulsive desire to compare Detroit's Ben Gordon trade with any future Ben Gordon trade I give you the latest developments -- Gordon for Andrea Bargnani.


I can't help but keep track of the continuing saga of former Detroit Pistons guard Ben Gordon. The Pistons controversially shipped him out with a first-round draft pick to the Charlotte Bobcats for the expiring contract of Corey Maggette.

The latest rumor -- Gordon might be dealt to the Toronto Raptors for big man Andrea Bargnani. This comes on the heels of a previous rumor involving a Gordon for Kris Humphries swap with the Brooklyn Nets. Then, things seemed to gain a more urgency as Gordon allegedly got into a fight with coach Mike Dunlap during practice. The Bobcats then seemed to decide that getting rid of Gordon was a priority.

For Pistons fans this is all processed through the prism of Detroit's original deal. I originally liked the deal because it allowed the team to speed up the rebuilding process. Others hated it because a team like Detroit shouldn't be sending out first-round picks under any circumstances.

When the Humphries rumors surfaced I began to feel like maybe Detroit would have been better off with Gordon, its pick and the ability to deal for Humphries who is having a down year but is still a useful big man. He could easily replace Maxiell next season.

Then came the news of the fight with his coach and fresh off of the John Kuester era I was happy Gordon was gone again. This latest rumor just reconfirms it in my mind.

To be blunt, I hate Andrea Bargnani's game and would want no part of the $22 million he is guaranteed for the next two seasons after this one. He's a jump shooter who gives you nothing else on the court and he doesn't even really shoot all that well either.