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Andre Drummond's admits bongo rehab was a hoax

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I come bearing news that makes me unbelievably sad: Andre Drummond doesn't actually bang on a drum during practice to rehab the stress fracture in his back. We were told it was Arnie Kander's latest idea to promote proper posture, but it was a hoax -- and it was so awesome we believed it hook, line and sinker. Didn't Manti Te'o teach us anything?

Trey Kirby uncovered the scandalous truth during All-Star media day. From The Basketball Jones:

TBJ: Are you getting any better at the drums?

Drummond: That was a joke. I don't really play the drums in practice.

TBJ: You don't?!?

Drummond: I was joking around in practice one day. I don't really do that.

(hat-tip: Dan Feldman)

Damn. Just ... damn.