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NBA trade rumors: Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, Will Bynum attract attention

The Pistons aren't expected to make any more trades -- but if they do, they have players other teams are interested in.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After trading Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye for Jose Calderon, the Detroit Pistons are probably done making moves before the NBA's trade deadline on Thursday, reports Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.


From Ellis:

One source even said: "You have already had the main course. You aren't getting seconds."

The main course obviously was the Prince-Calderon deal.

But the source added: "You might get dessert."

What does that even mean? Your guess is as good as mine. If the Pistons do get involved in another deal, they almost certainly won't take on salary -- they've exceeded the salary cap and are less than $2 million away from hitting the luxury tax. Would they dump a contract for a draft pick? Again, from Ellis:

Also, if the Pistons are inclined to trade a player for a draft pick, the team would be left with only 12 healthy bodies. (Andre Drummond is expected to miss a month with a back injury.) For the right deal, you could see general manager Joe Dumars rolling with a smaller roster, but it's a legitimate concern in case injuries hit.

That doesn't stop teams from calling around and asking about Jonas Jerebko and Stuckey, two players opposing teams ask about most.

Ellis also named Will Bynum as a trade chip, especially with the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder needing backup point guard help. The Celtics, of course, lost Rajon Rondo and Leandro Barbosa in recent weeks. They've played surprisingly well in Rondo's absence, climbing into the No. 7 playoff seed with eyes on No. 6 or No. 5, solidifying their stance as buyers at the deadline. (Believe those Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce rumors at your own peril; I highly doubt Danny Ainge has the guts to blow this team up just yet.)

In any case, if the Pistons are simply looking for bodies after dumping another contract, I don't see why they can't sign a top performer from the D-League to a league minimum contract. Hell, DaJuan Summers is down there averaging 19.6 points and 8.3 boards a game -- surely he's at least a little more polished than he was the last time he was here, right? That'd keep the payroll well below the luxury tax.

In any case, stay tuned. Most likely nothing will happen ... unless it does. And if it does, it'll likely be completely out of left field.

Thanks to DBBer bnumerich for the FanShot