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Andre Drummond 'pain-free' in recovery from stress fracture in back

Andre Drummond may not be playing the bongos to rehabilitate his back, but he must be doing something right -- it sounds like his recovery is progressing nicely. From's David Mayo:

Andre Drummond said during All-Star festivities in Houston that he is pain-free, more than a week after he was shut down for what was expected to be a period of four to six weeks with a stress fracture in his fifth lumbar vertebra. Drummond remains in a brace but doesn't expect to wear it much longer. He is expected back in mid- to late-March.

Given the team's conservative, measured approach with Drummond when the young big man was completely healthy, I'm guessing they'll be even more careful with him while injured -- which means I doubt we'll see him until late March.

Drummond was healthy enough to enjoy his first All-Star weekend (check his Instagram feed for proof), even if he couldn't play. And while he'll get another crack at playing in the Rookie-Sophomore game Rising Stars Challenge next year, it may not be very long until he gets to play in the main event on Sunday. Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News spoke to some current All-Stars to get their impression on Drummond's game:

As for his play on the floor, it drew the attention of the All-Stars he hopes to join in a couple of years. Heat forward-center Chris Bosh's eyes widened when he was asked of his impressions of the Pistons rookie.

"He's big, God," Bosh said. "I've never seen someone that big so young. He's huge."

[...] First-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trail Blazers echoed Lee's feelings, when asked if he was surprised by Drummond's freakish athleticism.

"Yes, and his quickness, it's something that's allowed him to use his length," Aldridge said.