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Brandon Knight injury: Guard is day to day after hyperextending right knee

Going for a loose ball late in the third quarter of Wednesday night's win, Kemba Walker fell on Brandon Knight's right leg. Despite suffering a hyperextended knee, Knight returned briefly in the fourth quarter, but had to be replaced after being injured again.


Brandon Knight injured his right knee late in the third quarter of Wednesday night's win when Charlotte's Kemba Walker fell on top of it. Knight was stepping in from the perimeter to provide some help defense on Walker, who then lost control of his dribble and his balance before falling on top of Knight's right leg as Knight tried to scoop up the loose ball.

It looked bad, like the kind of knee injury you see all the time in football that almost always knocks a player out for the rest of the game. Knight's official diagnosis, moments after writhing in pain on the floor for a few minutes, was a hyperextension of the right knee. He was questionable to return to the game.

Yet, somehow, Knight evaded trainers and Lawrence Frank's common sense and checked back into the game in the fourth quarter. Knight only lasted a possession before winding up back on the floor in obvious pain and could barely walk upon attempting to "gut it out." He was replaced at the next timeout.

After the game, Knight was in a joking mood in the locker room and said the second injury was his ankle, not his knee, because he was compensating for that. Frank rest assured that the Docs cleared Knight to play, stating that they had suggested to use Knight immediately if he was going to use him at all, (which probably should have raised a(nother) red flag). Now Knight has a sore hyperextension of the right knee and at least a sore ankle. While he assumes he's fine and hopes to play on Friday, Knight is officially day to day.

Considering what happened to Andre Drummond recently -- and note that Rajon Rondo only had a hyperextended right knee at first -- you'd think the Pistons would've helped protect Knight from himself.

Unfortunately, Knight's injury (or injuries) came at the worst time for the often-struggling second-year guard. He was in the midst of one of his better games of the season and his best game since being moved to the shooting guard spot to accomodate Jose Calderon. Knight played in roughly 30 minutes and had 21 points on 11 shots to go along with five assists opposite one turnover.