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NBA Trade Rumors: Detroit Pistons expect quiet trade deadline

Per Vince Ellis, source with team says things very quiet for Detroit.


Not much happening on the trade deadline front involving the Detroit Pistons. While Will Bynum is probably tradeable, there has been nothing linking him to other teams except baseless speculation. Jason Maxiell has gone stone cold in the past month and interest also appears to be nil.

There was an inkling that Pistons are interested in J.J. Redick, but unless the Pistons are willing to part with and the Magic is interested in Brandon Knight, I don't see how Detroit could make an attractive offer. Now Vince Ellis, who seems to be the only active beat writer on Twitter at the moment, says that fans shouldn't expect any moves from Detroit.

One of the more attractive trade chips is Jonas Jerebko, who is buried on Detroit's bench. But Vince says don't expect him to be relocated either. Maybe this means Detroit at least sees a future for him on the team.