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Lakers vs. Pistons: Andre Drummond's steal and dish to Brandon Knight

Andre Drummond picks Pau Gasol's pocket, leads the fast break and finds Brandon Knight for the dunk.

Andre Drummond just missed an alley-oop at the buzzer on Sunday afternoon that would have helped the Detroit Pistons beat the Lakers. (There's video of his failed attempt in this recap.) Because he missed, this amazing steal and assist will have to stand as Drummond's most impressive highlight of the night.

As awesome as Drummond's blocks and dunks can be, I get the biggest kick out of watching him pick someone's pocket and lead the fast break -- and fortunately for me, it's happening on a near nightly basis. (Dwyane Wade learned this -- twice.) Either I wasn't paying attention or Drummond's ball skills were seriously underrated. It's probably a little of both.

But for those of you who prefer dunks over picks and passing, I'll offer this alley-oop from the third quarter:

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