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Caption Contest: Jose Calderon gives advice to Brandon Knight

Detroit's newest point guard might be in street clothes but he is still trying to help out his team.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Calderon was once again unavailable Sunday as the Spanish-born player continues to work through his visa issues. It's a shame, too, because Sunday's 98-97 loss could have easily been a victory with the steadying influence of the veteran point guard.

But that doesn't mean he's not trying to help his new team. The official Detroit Pistons Twitter account -- @detroitpistons -- tweeted out a photo of Calderon sharing some point guardy knowledge to Brandon Knight during Sunday's game.

Provide your best caption to the photo and you'll win ... well, nothing, actually. We're not made of money here and we don't have an abundance of swag. But you might get the most recs, which might in turn boost your ego, which might make a generally miserable Monday full of work or school or both that much more bearable.

Besides, I could use a laugh after another painful loss. I don't want to run afoul of copyright so I'll just embed the Twitter link which will take you to the instagram photo.

Here is my contribution to help get things started:

"You see all the things you did out there? Yeah ... just do the opposite. Now you're a point guard."