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The #LetDreDunk movement: Andre Drummond for Slam Dunk Contest

It's a hashtag revolution!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly one week ago, noted roundball scholar, TBJ co-host and (tucked-in) Jorge Garbajosa jersey owner Tas Melas started a movement:

#LetDreDunk. It's a call to action, a petition to the NBA's suits in Manhattan to shine the light on Detroit's dominating young rookie; a plea to Lawrence Frank not to hold Drummond back yet again when he's selected; a rallying cry for NBA fans across the world who enjoy this beautiful game played by giants who laugh at the laws of physics.

We quickly endorsed the #LetDreDunk hashtag, employing it several times over the last week. Slowly but surely, word of the movement spread until we managed to infiltrate the Pistons locker room, turning Jonas Jerebko to the cause:

But wait! Now's not the time to rest on our laurels! We must continue spreading the gospel until we see young Dre awarded his rightful place in the spotlight on All-Star Saturday night, drinking Sprite and jumping over Kias. If given the opportunity, Drummond will vanquish all comers, and people will forever say his name in the same hushed tones as Michael Jordan, Jeremy Evans, Dominique Wilkins and Fred Jones.

We're doing our part with the introduction of, collecting his nastiest moments from this season and the recent past. Are we missing one? Submit it as a FanShot and we'll add it. The efforts of you and me and your co-workers and your neighbors can make this happen.

#LetDreDunk. #LetDreDunk. #LetDreDunk. #LetDreDunk. #LetDreDunk.