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NBA Trade Rumors: Will Bynum a 'prime trade target' says Chris Sheridan

Sheridan says a lot of NBA teams view him as a source of instant offense off the bench.


Could the Detroit Pistons' suddenly crowded backcourt get a little less crowded via trade? Chris Sheridan, longtime NBA writer and godfather of this so and he says Will Bynum is a "prime trade target" as the NBA trade deadline looms (h/t to PistonPowered).

His reasoning? Bynum is on an expiring deal and unlikely to return to Detroit. He also believes that a lot of teams would want exactly what Will brings -- instant offense off of the bench.

"(Bynum is) the kind of guy who can be a boost of instant offense off the bench if needed in the playoffs," Sheridan says in an interview with NBA TV.

Who does he see as a potential match? He mentions the New York Knicks but keys in on the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Thunder coach Scott Brooks has used backups Eric Maynor and Reggie Jackson sparingly (both average less than 11 minutes per game), and one of the side effects of trading away James Harden was removing a player who took some of the distribution and ball-handling duties away from the turnover-prone Westbrook, allowing him to spend more time off the ball.

Bynum, who becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer, would be a better addition for the Thunder than Derek Fisher was at the end of last season.

With the Pistons in rebuilding mode, and the Thunder in win-now mode, don't be surprised if there is a fit here. Oklahoma City owns one of the league's most valuable non-player trade assets - the rights to Toronto's No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft (Top 3 protected), which the Thunder obtained from Houston in the Harden trade.

I think the idea that Will Bynum could fetch a potential lottery pick to be ludicrous. But, hey, the Pistons should have a lot of guys available and maybe a package deal could make sense. Unlikely but fun to think about.